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Arthur De Araujo

A software developer working primarily on iOS applications.

About Me

Hi, I’m Arthur! I am pursuing a bachelors of science degree in computer science at University at Buffalo. I combine my skills in design and programming to create products that people enjoy. My interests lie in computer science, UI/UX design, and entrepreneurship.

Skills: I'm mostly self-taught in iOS apart from attending MakeSchool’s Summer Academy, where they taught how to create iOS games. Since then, I have created a bunch of fun projects and have worked at a few companies which are displayed down below.

Belief: I strongly believe that anyone can do anything if they put in the time and effort.
“Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.” - Mary Bethune.

Future Plans: I’m very excited about the future of augmented and virtual reality. But I don't think now is the prime time to develop on those platforms. I am also excited in React Native, and I plan to start developing React Native applications sometime in year 2017.

Thanks for visiting my website. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me via email.



iOS Developer

● Collaborated with an android and backend engineer to define, design, and ship new features using Swift
● Created the iOS pilot beta version from scratch solely, working beside two other engineers and the founder
● Continuously discovered, evaluated, and implemented new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

July - August 2017


iOS Developer Consultant

● Unit-tested code for robustness, including edge cases, usability and general reliability
● Worked thoroughly on building new features using Swift.

April - May 2017

Fresco News

iOS Developer Intern

● Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features using Objective-C
● Unit-tested code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
● Continuously discovered, evaluated, and implemented new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

June - Aug 2016 | Dec - Jan 2017

Shipped Projects

Hacker Keyboard

An increasingly fast paced typing game in which the player's goal is to 'hack' 100 contacts from their phone. There is a checkpoint at every 10 contacts hacked. This app was simple and fun to make. It was also an experiment on how popular an app can be with the word 'Hacker' in it.

XCode • Swift • Git

A website designed to help students, entrepeneurs, and others find talented SUNY University at Buffalo (UB) student developers.

NodeJS • Express • MongoDB • JQuery • AJAX • HTML • CSS • Git • IntelliJ IDEA • Google Analytics • GTM • MongoDB Compass • Atom • Sketch

UB Anti-Social Club

A fully anonymous message board exclusively for students at the University at Buffalo to exchange ideas, photos, events, and other campus related information. I created all the designs and the iOS app. My partner and friend Declan Hopkins created the backend and Android app.

Sketch • XCode • Swift • Git • Slack • Zeplin

Desert Bouncer

A side scrolling game in which the player tries to collect coins inbetween stone walls passing by to survive longer. It increases pace over time and users are allowed to purchase upgrades with their coins.

Spritebuilder • XCode • Obj-C • Git


A color matching game that increases pace over time.

Spritebuilder • XCode • Obj-C • Git

Hacker Outbreak

A 2 player fast paced typing game in which players try to ‘hack’ their opponent’s device. The successful hacker wins trophies to get a better rank.

30,000+ Downloads

Spritebuilder • XCode • Obj-C • Bluetooth • Git

Hackathon Projects


Upstate Hacks 2016

A smart and simple point of sale solution that allows vendors to use a central database to manage their products and eliminates the need for a cashier and/or cash register. Uses facial recognition technology to identify the shopper’s age, smile amount and gender.
Teammate: Declan Hopkins

Best Use of MongoDB
MongoDB Blog Post

XCode • Swift • Python • PyMongo • Flask • Euphony • Face++ Inside • Git

TV Shopper

MasterCard Masters of Code: NY 2015

A less invasive ad experience, presenting ads/items subtly into your video. Users can swipe to learn more and then add the item directly to their cart through the tvOS app. The companion iOS app displays the cart and once they are done, they are able to check out all of their TV shopped items.
Thanasi Stratigakis and Keivan Shahida

Parse • TVOS • XCode • Obj-C • Swift • MasterCard Simplify Commerce • Git

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